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Souru Rating
a-witch hunting I will go~ 
15th-Oct-2008 11:51 am
teh happeh boxeh


Links to Three Voted Applications:
The Basics
Name: Byaness
Gender: Female
Age: younger than your mother, I can assure you.
Likes: babies, lemons (both senses of the word), wasabi, sushi, cabbage, lolicon, detail, salt, dusk, people, characterization.
Dislikes: emoness, insincerity, shallowness
Best Qualities: Honest, caring, driven, loyal, responsible, affectionate. I tend to get very fangirlish and lovey over things I like, so people feel comfortable around me.
Worst Qualities: bull-headed, sarcastic, argumentative, opinionated, jealous, possessive, obsessive~

This or That
Thinker or Actor? actor
Extroverted or Introverted? kind of in the middle, but leans more toward extrovert.
Mature or Immature? depends. Often immature~
Optimistic or Pessamistic? optimistic~!

What's your number one goal in life? to reach all of the littler goals.
If you lived in Shibusen, would you be a Technician or a Weapon and why? Probably a weapon-- the weapon gets to look flashy and dangerous while the meister must do all the hard work. XD I'd also feel better being on the recieving end of pain in battle. I prefer to protect than to be protected.
Oh no! You drank this weird potion and you are in Shibusen for real as a character! Which character is it? It's hard, but probably Marie. I would sooo~ love to live under the same roof as Stein. *doki doki*

How did you find souru_rating</lj>? LJ Search: "Maka."
Anything else to say like comments/concerns/questions/critiques, e.t.c.? ... I hope Chrona is a girl. And that we eventually get to meet Maka's mama. @_@

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